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Making Mini-Books for Kids

Mini-books are exactly what they sound, cute miniature versions of your favorite literary works. They make a perfect addition to any home as they give off that undeniably quirky vibe. That being said, it should come as great news for parents that these mini-books are considered as one of the many arts and crafts projects that kids can do.

This article provides readers with a simple and easy guide to making miniature literature books. It breaks down all the important questions relevant to this project, from the materials you need to the specific steps you need to follow.

Mini Book Design Sample

If you are having a hard time imagining what these mini-books actually look like, then let us illuminate. The book itself is often made by putting together a couple of pages of paper. You can make the pages by simply folding the paper in the right places and cutting along its center.

For this tutorial, we shall be presenting a guide to making mini-book with eight pages. Just to clarify, however, this page count already includes the front cover. Of course, it is completely up to you if you wish to use the last page as a back cover as well. Needless to say, this project leaves the door open to a whole myriad of possibilities on how you want to approach this project.

Making a Mini Book

As stated earlier, making these miniature books are fairly simple to make and you can even do it together with your kid. Before anything else, you will need the following materials:

Craft Knife – This is preferable to scissors as craft knives are extremely sharp and accurate. Just take extra care not to cut yourself with it.
Paper – While any type of paper will do, we highly recommend that you make use of quality book paper or those brown recycled sheets to give your mini-book a distinct aesthetic of its own. Additionally, you can also make full use of cardstocks.
Pens – While the color of the pen depends on your personal preferences, it comes highly recommended that you make use of thick felt tip pens for this project.

First, take your cardstock, or whatever type of paper you are using, and start folding it, first vertically then horizontally. Repeat this process until you have eight equal rectangles creases. Once that is done, unfold it to the point that it is only folded by half, horizontally. Then, you can take your craft knife and start cutting. If you are doing this with your child, then we recommend that you take over this bit as you do not want any untoward accidents.

Now, once that is done, you can now unveil the mini-book. The kids love this part. First, grab a hold of the rectangle at either end of the sheet then push them towards each other. That cut that you made on the paper should easily open up and form a diamond shape. Repeat this process until the book takes form.

Making the mini-book is easy enough. You should strive to make it a collaborative activity with your child. Let them decorate the book as they see fit, whether through drawings or stickers, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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