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How to Print Miniature Books

Miniature books are 3 inches tall and can be read like regular sized books. Miniature books are not new, it is as old as a full-sized book. For several centuries, bookmakers have utilized miniature tools and magnifying equipment to create one.

Interested in how to print a miniature book? If you’re interested in having this done professionally, companies like still make miniature books. But for those do it yourselfers, ready your manuscript, here is a guide on how you can create a miniature book of your own.

The materials you need are the following:
– Manuscript
– Template
– Decorative paper
– Text paper
– Corrugated cardboard
– Awl
– Cutter
– Needle and thread
– Ruler
– Acid-free PVA glue
– Cotton cloth
– Bone folder
– Headband

The steps needed to print and create a miniature book are discussed further below.

To start, do the template layout with any software you are comfortable (i.e. MS Word, Photoshop, etc.). The text paper used should be 8.5 inches by 11 inches, this can accommodate 8 miniature pages in each paper.

To achieve the details of the context, select the high quality of the printing options. Rest assured, that the context still looks good even though there is a big difference between its original size.

In cutting the pages, put the ends of the paper together and press on the fold. On the pressed fold, place the paper cutter and cut it. Do not be stressed out with the edges, the outcome will be fine after this.

Organize the pages of the books to punch holes in the pages. Fold the page in half, and use the awl to perforate 2 holes in the middle of the fold. It is easier to put holes on the pages when it is folded.

Make the pages closer to each other by using the bone folder to press the papers tightly.

After all of the miniature book pages are organized and perforated with holes. Put them side by side. This is the step where the pages should be sewn. Sew the pages using a needle with a thread. The used thread should be tough enough to carry on with the pages.

Hold the first page and insert the first the needle and thread through the first hole of the page. Do not cut the tread in whole, leave some thread out of the first hole and leave it hanging, it will be tied after all the pages are done.

In printing and creating a miniature book requires a presence of mind, logic, and ease. The steps are just thoroughly repeated until all of the pages are thread together.

Gather and tie the stitches at the center. This part of the book will be hidden. Use the acid-free PVA glue, put glue all over the spine of the book. Spread the glue all throughout the spine, place a cotton cloth to hide the stitches.

Obtain a piece of ribbon to use it as a bookmark, and glue it to the spine of the book.

Your miniature book is done! Enjoy reading it.

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