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Common Mistakes When Writing A Book

A lot of people invest time and effort writing a book. In fact, it can be a great venture that can even make you a millionaire. For others, the reason why they write a book is in order for them to actually build their reputation especially when they have become part of the academe. So what are the most common mistakes that you can make along the way when writing your own e-book?

Not knowing the topic

The most common mistake that you could be making is that you don’t know exactly the topic. You have to be well-versed on a particular topic before you even write a book. And if you think that you already know enough, you have to still continue doing your research.

Doing continuous research can make a huge difference in the long run because, for fiction writers, their story becomes believable. Could you imagine if Dan Brown didn’t do enough research and get the details wrong in his book? Or what if a non-fiction writer is simply not too well-versed about the subject matter that he or she is discussing?

It takes a lot of time

Keep in mind that writing can take a lot of time. You will have to dedicate hours to your project if you really wish to get a good result. One common problem that a lot of authors have is that they actually don’t have enough time to write their book. And for this reason, a lot of authors take years in order to finish their book. And in some instances, there are even some authors who simply have unfinished works.

Not hiring an editor

You have to admit that you will need to have your very own editor for your own sanity. There will be details that you will be missing along the way that your editor could help you with. In addition to this, an editor should have a sharp eye towards bad and good work.

You can always rely on online apps such as Grammarly in order to make the work of your editor a bit easier. Here, you can correct the minor mistakes in grammar.

Not having a plan

You have to make sure that when you write a book, you already have a plan. A plan should be in an outline form that you can use in order to know the direction of the book that you are writing. For a lot of people who just write at their own whim, this can be a problem because you will have to deal with repeated ideas as you write the book.

You have to understand that writing a book can take years. You want to prevent any delays in the publishing of the book and therefore, you will have to take note of these possible mistakes that you could be doing along the way. Keep in mind that writing a book can be a gamble as well given the small number of authors who succeed in their craft. But should this stop you from writing a book? Not really.

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