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What Makes A Successful Book?

Commercial success in a book is something that a lot of people dream of. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that you will be able to get easily. You will have to take into consideration different factors along the way. So what makes a book successful?

First, you will have to consider the content. Regardless if it is fiction or non-fiction, people love to read great content. You will have to give the readers a reason to pick up your book. Unfortunately, not all writers can write an engaging and highly informative book at the same time. For this reason, you will have to take classes on how to write a book. You will also need to be honest about your work and see which areas you could improve on. Perhaps, you can write something that you are highly familiar with before deciding to explore topics that need a lot of research?

Next, you have to consider the taste of the readers. There are some books that didn’t get the appreciation that they deserve during the time that it was published. Keep in mind that the taste of readers changes through the years.

Mini-Book Plans

What are Mini-books? To make a long story short, they are extremely simple craft projects that open the door to a whole myriad of possibilities. Making them is so easy yet you can never really run out of things to do with them.

Of course, to make things easier for you, this article presents readers with a couple of mini-book plans that you can try yourself. It also delves into the simple process of making a mini-book from scratch.

Making a Mini-Book

Making a mini-book is a pretty straightforward process, and it can be finished within a couple of minutes. All you need to do is take your paper and fold it a couple of times before cutting it down to size. Then, it is just a matter of designing it to your personal preferences.

Before anything else, however, you will need to gather your supplies. A quick trip to the local craft store should give you everything you need. Namely, you will be needing some cardstock, a pair of scissors or a craft knife, some felt tip pens, and preferably some stickers to jazz up the mini-book.

What to Do with your Mini-Books?

Basically, these mini-books can be used for any purpose. Listed below are some of the things you should try yourself:

Book Collection Replica – Bookworms will always have a special place in their heart for their favorite books. More often than not, these are collected into their personal libraries. Needless to say, these spaces are reflective of one’s personality and preferences. That being said, it is an extremely popular trend for bookworms to make replicas of their miniature book collections. Remember, you have the option to recreate the designs of the book yourself or you can make full use of the many free book templates readily available on the internet.

Child-friendly Crafts – We would be remiss if we fail to mention the fact that these mini-books are also extremely kid-friendly. In fact, the process of making them can serve as vital quality time between you and your child. They could serve as cute decorations on your kid’s mantle, right next to their bedtime stories.

Of course, you need to ensure that the process is both engaging and safe for the child. While you will want them to have a hand in every step of the process, from folding the paper to designing the covers of the miniature books, the last thing you want is for them to accidentally cut themselves. Proper adult supervision is vital for crafting projects like this one.

Personal Journal – This is pretty much an obvious choice as more and more people are opting to make their own notebooks as opposed to buying them. This means you have the perfect opportunity to truly express yourself not only in designing the mini-book itself but also in terms of the things you can put between the covers.

As stated earlier, crafting these mini-books is rather easy. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the things that you can do with your mini-books. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Common Mistakes When Writing A Book

A lot of people invest time and effort writing a book. In fact, it can be a great venture that can even make you a millionaire. For others, the reason why they write a book is in order for them to actually build their reputation especially when they have become part of the academe. So what are the most common mistakes that you can make along the way when writing your own e-book?

Not knowing the topic

The most common mistake that you could be making is that you don’t know exactly the topic. You have to be well-versed on a particular topic before you even write a book. And if you think that you already know enough, you have to still continue doing your research.

Doing continuous research can make a huge difference in the long run because, for fiction writers, their story becomes believable. Could you imagine if Dan Brown didn’t do enough research and get the details wrong in his book? Or what if a non-fiction writer is simply not too well-versed about the subject matter that he or she is discussing?

It takes a lot of time

Keep in mind that writing can take a lot of time. You will have to dedicate hours to your project if you really wish to get a good result. One common problem that a lot of authors have is that they actually don’t have enough time to write their book. And for this reason, a lot of authors take years in order to finish their book. And in some instances, there are even some authors who simply have unfinished works.

Not hiring an editor

You have to admit that you will need to have your very own editor for your own sanity. There will be details that you will be missing along the way that your editor could help you with. In addition to this, an editor should have a sharp eye towards bad and good work.

You can always rely on online apps such as Grammarly in order to make the work of your editor a bit easier. Here, you can correct the minor mistakes in grammar.

Not having a plan

You have to make sure that when you write a book, you already have a plan. A plan should be in an outline form that you can use in order to know the direction of the book that you are writing. For a lot of people who just write at their own whim, this can be a problem because you will have to deal with repeated ideas as you write the book.

You have to understand that writing a book can take years. You want to prevent any delays in the publishing of the book and therefore, you will have to take note of these possible mistakes that you could be doing along the way. Keep in mind that writing a book can be a gamble as well given the small number of authors who succeed in their craft. But should this stop you from writing a book? Not really.

How to Get Your Book Published

One of the best things that you can do in your life is to write your own book. It is a good idea that you write a book in order to leave a legacy. However, it is important that you get published. A lot of writers fail to get a publisher for different reasons. So how exactly can you get your book published?

Research about the subject matter that you want to discuss

The first thing that you should do is to choose the right subject matter that you want to discuss on your book. You will have to be well-versed in this topic in order to get the readers to read your book. By having the right number of interested readers, there could easily be a publisher that could find interest in your book.

Keep in mind that publishers tend to be picky which book they publish. There is always the risk that the books that they publish don’t sell. And because of this, they are highly knowledgeable on different subject matters and may know instantly what makes a good and a bad book.

By becoming diligent in your research, you can easily provide highly informative content for your readers and this is something that your publishers also want.

Know your audience

Who is your audience? Are you writing for adults or are you writing for teens? Keep in mind that different publishers may have a different target market. By knowing your audience, not only will you minimize the number of manuscripts that you pass to publishers, you can also determine how to get the interest of your readers. And like we said, getting the interest of your readers is imperative in order to get published.

You can also adjust the manner which you talk to your readers. You will be able to find a suitable voice once you already pinpointed who your audience really is.

Make a list of different potential publishers

You have to understand that a lot of successful authors had their share of rejection. In fact, there are publishers who even say no to some of the most popular authors to date. And just like in anything in life, you want to make sure that you have a backup plan. You can have a backup plan by having a second and a third option for a publisher.

Start building your audience first

This advice may not apply to all but it is something that you should take seriously. There are other authors who first establish a following online before they even release a book. This is the same strategy used by celebrities that write their autobiography.

A lot of aspiring authors today find it difficult to get published. What exactly can you do in order to get the attention of publishers? Keep in mind that these strategies are just suggestions that can increase your chances. However, there still no guarantee that you can have your book published if you do all of these things. Unfortunately, there is also the element of luck and timing to it.

How to Print Miniature Books

Miniature books are 3 inches tall and can be read like regular sized books. Miniature books are not new, it is as old as a full-sized book. For several centuries, bookmakers have utilized miniature tools and magnifying equipment to create one.

Interested in how to print a miniature book? If you’re interested in having this done professionally, companies like still make miniature books. But for those do it yourselfers, ready your manuscript, here is a guide on how you can create a miniature book of your own.

The materials you need are the following:
– Manuscript
– Template
– Decorative paper
– Text paper
– Corrugated cardboard
– Awl
– Cutter
– Needle and thread
– Ruler
– Acid-free PVA glue
– Cotton cloth
– Bone folder
– Headband

The steps needed to print and create a miniature book are discussed further below.

To start, do the template layout with any software you are comfortable (i.e. MS Word, Photoshop, etc.). The text paper used should be 8.5 inches by 11 inches, this can accommodate 8 miniature pages in each paper.

To achieve the details of the context, select the high quality of the printing options. Rest assured, that the context still looks good even though there is a big difference between its original size.

In cutting the pages, put the ends of the paper together and press on the fold. On the pressed fold, place the paper cutter and cut it. Do not be stressed out with the edges, the outcome will be fine after this.

Organize the pages of the books to punch holes in the pages. Fold the page in half, and use the awl to perforate 2 holes in the middle of the fold. It is easier to put holes on the pages when it is folded.

Make the pages closer to each other by using the bone folder to press the papers tightly.

After all of the miniature book pages are organized and perforated with holes. Put them side by side. This is the step where the pages should be sewn. Sew the pages using a needle with a thread. The used thread should be tough enough to carry on with the pages.

Hold the first page and insert the first the needle and thread through the first hole of the page. Do not cut the tread in whole, leave some thread out of the first hole and leave it hanging, it will be tied after all the pages are done.

In printing and creating a miniature book requires a presence of mind, logic, and ease. The steps are just thoroughly repeated until all of the pages are thread together.

Gather and tie the stitches at the center. This part of the book will be hidden. Use the acid-free PVA glue, put glue all over the spine of the book. Spread the glue all throughout the spine, place a cotton cloth to hide the stitches.

Obtain a piece of ribbon to use it as a bookmark, and glue it to the spine of the book.

Your miniature book is done! Enjoy reading it.

Should You Write a Book?

A lot of people are asking the question should they be writing a book? A lot of people today are aspiring writers. However, if you will look at the number of authors who get published, there is only a small percentage of them. In addition to this, how many authors make it big with the books that they have published? Now, that is even a smaller percentage.

Should these difficulties stop you from your dream of writing your own book? The thing with writing is that even if you just have one reader, you should never stop. You have to understand that writing is a passion that you do. What you have to do is to research and know more about the topics that you will cover. This way, you can be comfortable discussing the things that you mention in your book. In addition to this, your readers will also find the book believable. Now, once you have completed your book, you will need to get the help of an editor. An editor can help give you the refinement that you need on your book. You can also get the help of a software to make things easier for your editor.

Making Mini-Books for Kids

Mini-books are exactly what they sound, cute miniature versions of your favorite literary works. They make a perfect addition to any home as they give off that undeniably quirky vibe. That being said, it should come as great news for parents that these mini-books are considered as one of the many arts and crafts projects that kids can do.

This article provides readers with a simple and easy guide to making miniature literature books. It breaks down all the important questions relevant to this project, from the materials you need to the specific steps you need to follow.

Mini Book Design Sample

If you are having a hard time imagining what these mini-books actually look like, then let us illuminate. The book itself is often made by putting together a couple of pages of paper. You can make the pages by simply folding the paper in the right places and cutting along its center.

For this tutorial, we shall be presenting a guide to making mini-book with eight pages. Just to clarify, however, this page count already includes the front cover. Of course, it is completely up to you if you wish to use the last page as a back cover as well. Needless to say, this project leaves the door open to a whole myriad of possibilities on how you want to approach this project.

Making a Mini Book

As stated earlier, making these miniature books are fairly simple to make and you can even do it together with your kid. Before anything else, you will need the following materials:

Craft Knife – This is preferable to scissors as craft knives are extremely sharp and accurate. Just take extra care not to cut yourself with it.
Paper – While any type of paper will do, we highly recommend that you make use of quality book paper or those brown recycled sheets to give your mini-book a distinct aesthetic of its own. Additionally, you can also make full use of cardstocks.
Pens – While the color of the pen depends on your personal preferences, it comes highly recommended that you make use of thick felt tip pens for this project.

First, take your cardstock, or whatever type of paper you are using, and start folding it, first vertically then horizontally. Repeat this process until you have eight equal rectangles creases. Once that is done, unfold it to the point that it is only folded by half, horizontally. Then, you can take your craft knife and start cutting. If you are doing this with your child, then we recommend that you take over this bit as you do not want any untoward accidents.

Now, once that is done, you can now unveil the mini-book. The kids love this part. First, grab a hold of the rectangle at either end of the sheet then push them towards each other. That cut that you made on the paper should easily open up and form a diamond shape. Repeat this process until the book takes form.

Making the mini-book is easy enough. You should strive to make it a collaborative activity with your child. Let them decorate the book as they see fit, whether through drawings or stickers, the possibilities are virtually endless.

How to Write Your First E-Book

A lot of people today write their own e-book for different reasons. There are those who are writing an e-book in order to get the attention of an audience while there are also those who are actually just writing for the sake of building a reputation for their brand or for their name. How exactly do you write your very first e-book? Here are some strategies that you can do.

Have a topic in mind

The first thing that you will have to do is to brainstorm about the topic that you are going to discuss. One of the most common problems that people face is that they aren’t knowledgeable about the topic that they are discussing. It is important that you know exactly what you are talking about. In fact, it is easy to be spotted by your audience if you don’t know so much about the discussion.

Decide the voice that you are going to use

You also have to decide about the voice that you are going to use. You have to decide if you are going to be funny or if you are going to be serious. Ultimately, there are several factors at play if you plan on choosing a voice for your e-book. One factor is the age and the behavior of your audience. There are instances when you can be witty and funny depending on who you want to read your e-book. On the other hand, there are instances when you simply just have to be serious from start to finish.

Determine the length

You also have to determine the length of the book that you are going to write. You want to make sure that you are going to have enough time and even enough knowledge in order to discuss everything. And because of this, it is a good idea to not be too ambitious in terms of the length of your e-book. Though you have the option to not publish the e-book, you have to realize that you need to keep everything concise as well. This way, your readers will finish the book.

Edit the work

You will have to spend some time to edit the work. In fact, a common mistake by a lot of people is to not take the time to read what they have written. You need to ensure that you even hire a proofreader in order to make the book readable.

Deciding to sell it

You also have to decide whether or not you are going to sell the ebook. You have to try and evaluate its chances if ever it makes its way into the market. There are those instances wherein you will have a good number of competitors that the book will simply not survive if you put a price tag on it. Instead, you can give it for free in exchange for your reader’s email. This is a great way to build your audience or capture a target market’s attention.

There are many ways on how you can write an ebook. These are just some of the most common strategies that you can opt to do especially if it is your first time to do it.